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Our Mission: To ensure that all Branford Children, birth through age eight years, are happy, healthy, safe, and successful, with a love of learning in school and in life. YouTube CLICK HERE TO VISIT


Headline Indicator: The % of children who score at or above goal on the third grade Connecticut Mastery Test

Third grade Connecticut Mastery Test (CMT) reading scores were selected as a headline indicator in this area due to their strong data, communication and proxy power. Further analysis of Branford's longest running cohort (non-matched) data from 2007 to 2013 reveals a significant and persistent gap in the reading achievement of children who are eligible for free or reduced priced lunch and their more economically advantaged classmates. The persistence and expansion of these gaps present a most daunting challenge for the community.

Strategy: Stop summer learning loss by offering summer literacy activities

The community has made a strong commitment to help address the need for robust literacy support during the summer months and attenuate summer learning loss among Branford children.

Many students experience a summer reading loss during this time and continue to struggle when they return to school in the fall. Teachers report over half of their students each year need at least 60 days to recoup what skills they lost over the summer. For struggling readers, they may never catch up. Our objective is to help struggling readers over the summer to maintain or increase their reading proficiency.

In the summer of 2014 Branford Public School is expanding the Summer Scholars program, literacy days and the availability of books online for all students. Branford is also working collaboratively with libraries and daycamps to provide more opportunities for children to read in the summer.

Strategy: Promote Family Literacy

Branford families enjoy many opportunities to participate in literacy activities. BECC's Annual Week of the Young Child Literacy Celebration in the month of April highllights the importance of reading for children. Families and schools are engaged through One Book One Town, Preschool Art Walks and community literacy events in the month of April. In 2013 and again in 2014, we also recognized our Children's Champions from local, state and national landscape.

ERACE and Family Resource Center partner to provide a strong parent support system and playgroup for English Language Learners.

The libraries are rich with storytimes, author events and hands-on literacy events. Cross collaborations on literacy celebrations are growing in 2014.

Secondary Indicator: % of Branford Children Scoring Above Level 1 on the Kindergarten Entrance Inventory for Literacy and Language

Data from the Kindergarten Entrance Inventory, which is administered to all children in the fall and provides a snapshot measure of children's school-readiness skills across six domains (literacy, language, numeracy, physical/motor, creative/aesthetic, and personal/social), indicate that the majority of Branford children are generally well-prepared for the transition into Kindergarten. However, these data also suggest that a growing and significant proportion of our children enter Kindergarten with skill deficits that put them at an educational disadvantage.

During the first year of implementation, we focused our strategies towards helping to inform teachers, providers and parents on how to properly prepare their children to succeed in Kindergarten, as well as literacy awareness for the entire community.

Our goal was to start small and use available resources to create an awareness of the importance of a quality early care and education experiences. Over the past year, we have strengthened our partnerships with key stakeholders and providers in this arena and we have identified promising strategies to implement in the coming year. These strategies are outlined below.

Strategy: Increase school readiness in children

The BECC has embarked on an educational program to support pre-literacy training in young children from 0-5. By accessing the foundations of literacy through a Phonological Awareness Program it concentrates on developing children's ability to play and manipulate the sounds in the English language as opposed to memorizing reciting alphabet letters as the preferred approach to decoding words. This pilot program trains Pre-K teachers and staff about the components of phonological processing and best implementation practices.

Strategy: Enhance communication between Preschool providers and Kindergarten teachers

The transition from Pre-K to Kindergarten can be the most challenging for incoming schools as related to the limited amount of information available about the child, the learning styles, knowledge base and social development. The BECC is focused on utilizing and facilitating available data from Pre-K teachers and parents. Also, by engaging the elementary Kindergarten teachers in an annual meeting will provide an opportunity to discuss relevant topics to work together on.

Strategy: Promote effective readiness skills by providing preschool teachers and home care providers with instructional research based practices

Our successful Roundtable events are held 4 x per year and are available to Pre-K teachers as accredited professional development opportunities. These events, in collaboration with the Branford Early Learning Center continue to grow the knowledge base of providers and teachers.

The Family Resource Center also provides training opportunities for providers through their network in the areas of health, safety and education.

If you would like to be a part of these efforts please contact branford.becc@gmail.com.

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