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Our Mission: To ensure that all Branford Children, birth through age eight years, are happy, healthy, safe, and successful, with a love of learning in school and in life. YouTube CLICK HERE TO VISIT


Branford continues to identify what safety concerns are important to the safety and quality of life of the families in Branford. The BECC and the Branford Police Department have entered into a Memorandum of Agreement and have developed a formative partnership in support of working together on mutual concerns. This, combined with cooperation from the State of Connecticut Department of Children and Families (DCF) we continue to work with the appropriate agencies to focus our efforts on key community needs.

Headline Indicator: The # of substantiated cases of abuse and neglect towards children under the age of eight in Branford.

The data that has been produced by the Branford Police Department and DCF show that there may be some increase over the past 5 years in substantiated cases of Child Abuse and Neglect for children birth-8. While cases of Domestic Violence was the primary factor in any substantiated physical neglect case, substance abuse issues of the parent(s) also followed closely. We are committed to following the trend lines closely in order to get a better understanding of the challenges facing Branford families.

BECC's safety committee and partners are members of the Shoreline Domestic Violence Task Force.

Strategy: Educate teachers, parents and expectant parents about child abuse and neglect issues.

The Family Resource Center is expanding their prenatal personal visits by a certified parent educator.

The BECC and Family Resource Center, through a grant from the United Way of Greater New Haven, is holding Circle of Security parent education classes in the Fall of 2014.

Early care providers and community partners are participating in a series of classes through the Roundtable series to help them recognize the signs of domestic violence, neglect or abuse.

Strategy: Reduce stress in families

In 2014-2015 the community is committed to providing workshops and opportunities for educating parent/caregivers on ways to reduce stress and decrease the risk of child neglect/abuse, through support for fathers, mothers and caregivers.

Strategy: Develop and expand data base program between key community agencies

The latest Branford Police Department data (May 2013) on abuse and neglect continues to be in line with the data from the Department of Children and Families. This leads us to the conclusion that when there are cases of abuse and neglect in Branford families receive the proper referrals to DCF.

BECC is working with DCF to give feedback on their database to make it easier for communities to disaggregate the data they collect, in relation to Child Abuse and Neglect for the town of Branford. Police are encouraged to share information with locally based organizations serving the community through regular community reports.

The Safety committee continues to explore various organizations and task forces that will inform the work of the committee.

If you would like to be a part of these efforts please contact branford.becc@gmail.com.

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